Deep Fried Oreos

by - April 14, 2018

I love Oreo. And I love every recipe that brings Oreo to the whole new levels. 

Including this deep fried recipe.

I have found different ways of making it but I'm going to share the easiest one or in other words, the instant one. 

For this recipe you'll have to have:

• pancake mix
• egg
• water/milk
• oil
• Oreos or any sandwich cookies of your choice

First thing first, preheat the oil in the pan. For the batter, just follow the instruction at the back of the pancake mix box or packaging. You'll never go wrong with it.

When the batter is ready, deep Oreo one by one into it then fry in the preheated oil with medium heat till it turns golden brown. 


Crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. 

I can't believe a dozen of this has gotten into my mouth within minutes. I'm so guilty. 

Deeply in love with this deep fried Oreos. But for now, I need to do some workout to burn the extra calories! 

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