A New Hideout

by - April 03, 2018

I have found a new place to chill...

....with a glass of iced latte, or even a hot cuppa coffee that suits your mood.

With beautiful greenery everywhere.

That brings you close to nature.

A moment to be shared with a good friend...

....or a bunch of favorite people.

And to enjoy with that good cuppa coffee, good meals.

Went to its outlet in KL Gateway. It looks empty from inside the mall, but when you step out to the open air area, it's full.

I love the iced latte, it's one of the best-ests I have tasted so far!

The foods are delish. That ayam percik rice, is to die for! And the grill chicken is not bad either. Recommended for all of you.

Gotta be here again, definitely.

Click HERE for the details.

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