Half a year old Boy

by - March 02, 2018

Mikael is half a year old this month. The past few months have literally flown by!

Hey boy why you grow up so fast?

*I am still traumatized by the labour pain and I promised myself (secretly) that he will be the last. Hope my husband concur with that.*

He can now turn & roll over so quickly -  he fell off the bed like several times already. The last time he fell my parents warned me not to put him on the bed ever again!

Since he is now allowed to eat so my husband & I introduced him to pureed fruits such as dates, banana and grapes few days earlier as he has been showing great interest in food. The first bite, of course, just the size of my fingertip.

Preparing baby foods takes time and require a lot of passion. We have been googling the best foods  for baby and the easiest, fastest way to prepare for it.

Then we found this.
Nuby Nibbler

Can't remember if this has been invented during Aireen's time.

All we need to do is just pop the fruit into the net, shut it tight and the food is ready to serve.

The best thing about this Nuby Nibbler is, I can train Mikael to hold his own food and feed himself without making a lot of mess on the table. The net is made of fabric, it's soft in texture so hopefully, it won't hurt my baby's gum.

I'm super excited to prepare baby food. Gotta share about it later.

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