Product Review : Autumnz Serene Double Electric Breast Pump

by - December 07, 2017

Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful (and traumatic at times 😁) phases in my motherhood journey. As a working mother, I need to have an adequate supply of milk for my baby at the nursery and to make it possible, I need a breast pump that could ease the process. This time, I choose Autumnz Serene Double Electric Breast Pump.

It has all the functions I needed in a breast pump. It comes in 3 pumping modes and 6 level of suctions for each modes and most importantly, it's ultra quiet, portable, small and light. With this, I can pump everywhere even during meeting or while driving. 

Mommies, don't worry about the cost. It is worth the quality of the more expensive breast pumps out there (that's what my friend, who is using a different brand told me.) I got mine from pumponthego for only RM450.00 with free gifts too! It is literally the most affordable price of the same or similar features of product in the market.

And and and, it can be double pump, single pump and be changed to manual pump too!

I used manual pump before, but I find it hard to empty the breast with it. I could get maximum of 5 to 7 oz of milk only for each pumping session. But with this, I could get up to 14 oz for each effortless session. Isn't that sound easy?

So, to sum this up, I recommend this to all bf mother out there.

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