August Baby

by - November 27, 2017

So my baby boy was born last August, 4 days earlier than the EDD (kalau ikut EDD, he'd be merdeka baby 😁 )

Basically and technically, he shares the same month of birthday with my mom alias his grandma, and my uncle. It's going to be a huge feast nanti heheh.

Introducing Henrik Mikael.

Fresh from the oven

Henrik means 'ruler of the home' in Germany, and Mikael is the name of an angel. My husband and I had a huge fight picking up names for this baby. I rejected Henrik in the first place, because to me it will be troublesome explaining the meaning of it to people (the unties and uncles, plus my parents who prefer arabic names). But after a due consideration, oklah Henrik doesn't sound so pelik kan? But lets just call him Mikael.

My daughter a.k.a his kakak is the happiest person to know that her adik was born. She walked into the ward right after I delivered Mikael and said "eh perut mama dah kecik" then "adik dah keluar ke" then "eh telinga adik kecik" so on and so forth. She's been asking bila adik dia nak keluar all the time 😃

Moving around with 2 kids isn't easy. Both my husband & I have to take turn doing everything i.e mandi makan tidur when the baby is awake (and kakak too). But insyAllah we'll get used to it soon 😁

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