Watsons VIP Touch 'n Go Card

by - August 11, 2017

Disclaimer : This is NOT a paid advertisement.

Ok so the other day I went to Watsons to grab some stuffs and as usual, the cashier asked if I have a member card. I said no, and as expected, she asked if I'd like to be a member with only RM20  fee for a lifetime membership.

Normally, I said no. But this time, I said yes. Because why?

Because they offered me this:

Watsons Touch 'n Go Card

It's a 2-in-1 card; for Watsons and Touch 'n Go. I'm not sure when is this started to enforce but since I was actually planning to change my old Touch 'n Go card so this is like a dream come true 😁

Apart from the lifetime membership, I'd also get a booklet of lots and lots of promotion items, discount vouchers for watsons brand items and vitamins, and few other free stuffs like face towel, lip balm, etc. Yes, with only RM20.

The other perks include:-

Just log on to their website at www.watsons.com.my to find out more about the benefits. And don't forget to register your card at watsons and Touch 'n Go websites to enjoy these benefits.

Anddd I just learned that we can shop online at Watsons! Hahaha my bad. It offers convenient shopping experience that I love so much. Everything is at your fingertips and your stuffs will be delivered at your doorstep in no time.

So guys, what are you waiting for? Go get yours now!

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