Shopee Addict!

by - December 27, 2017


I am so addicted to shopee lately and been spending a lot (mostly on baby products) on these:
Imama hip seat baby carrier

Tommee Tippee baby sipping cup

Tonnes of milk storage bags

Tempered glass screen protector aaaand phone casing
(photos courtesy of google)

Not in picture: a long long list. 

I don't know why but I think this has been the most helpful (?) method in time of urgency or whenever I need to buy something at a low cost.

I remember the first day I'm back to work after my maternity leave, my mom told me Mikael refuses  bottle (FYI, I trained him 2 weeks earlier before I get back to work and he was all okay with bottle. Only God knows why he acted that way.) I was worried and kind of stressed out so I googled out the alternative to bottle. Some says sipping cup, some says squeezing feeding spoon, so I bought them all online, and everything is delivered right at my doorstep the very next day.

Same goes to my phone's screen protector. It costs RM10 for clear glass outside, but only half the price at shopee. So I can buy tonnes of it (okay just in case it breaks again next time?) aaaand the casing? Guys I can get as low as RM5 for pretty rubber casing! Isn't that great?

Tips of buying things online:-

Survey for the price and delivery time. Take time to look at customers' review and seller's feedback.

That's all.

What I love about shopee is, I have my own profile where I see my purchase history and I can easily track my order through the app. The payment will only be made to the seller once I acknowledge receipt of the item, then I can rate the seller from 1 star (lowest) to 5 star, and to be fair, the seller can rate me too. Besides that, I can also communicate with the seller to get further details about the items I'm about to buy.

Okay, it's time for more browsing.....

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