Choosing a Pre-school

by - July 31, 2018

My girl is 4 years old this year, and she'll be going to pre-school next year. Currently she's staying with my mom while I'm at work so going to school is a new thing for her (and for me too lol).

Actually, I planned to send her to school early this year. I am a bit (read: so) worried that she'll left behind since most kids nowadays go to school as early as the age of 3. How if Aireen couldn't recognize alphabets and numbers? How if she couldn't mingle with friends and teachers?

But then hubs said she's still too small and it's too early for her. We shall allow her to enjoy her childhood and play around so 5 years old is an ideal age for school.

It's few months away before the new year, so I got to choose school for Aireen and register her right away!

I'm contemplating to send her to which school since are are so many types of school available nowadays. And speaking of types of school, I read along some blogs and articles and feel like sharing with you guys the types of pre-school in Malaysia, which I have summarized as follows:

"Malaysia Pre-School is a school for the education of very young children (generally five years of age and younger). These schools seek to prepare young children before enrolling to schools with formal education, they only provide childcare with little educational benefits. Pre-schools which focus on education generally teach early social skills including interpersonal interaction, being a part of a group of peers, and classroom skills such as following the instructions of a teacher. Some formal education also takes place, such as early reading or language skills. Some nursery schools have adopted specialized methods of teaching, such as Montessori, and various other pedagogy.

In Malaysia, there are two types of instituitions that cater to Pre-School, i.e. the childcare centres which enrols children below four years old and the kindergartens which admits children between the ages of 4+ through 5+."

During my time, there weren't so many (or maybe none) choices available other than public pre-school so to KEMAS I went. But today, private pre-schools are everywhere! From Islamic to International to Traditional etc.

And of course, different school offers different teaching methods:

Montessories in Malaysia: (CLICK HERE).

International Preschool in Malaysia: (READ THISthen (THIS).

The nearest (walking distance) choices available in my place are 1. KEMAS, and 2. Al Baghdadi Playtime Center (APC). So I registered Aireen to both schools, hoping that she could enroll to either one. 

I'm not so sure about the teaching methods in KEMAS nowadays, but from my observation (during the short moment I spent whilst registering Aireen there. Don't quote me please.) the teachers still practice traditional methods - reading, counting, playing. Then I also notice a group of students brushing their teeth with their teacher observing, then another group of student sit in a group reciting prayers, etc. 5 years old students could read, and 6 years old could tell stories.

Not bad.

Haven't seen how APC works. Attending their open day next month. Gotta share with you guys about it later.

Till then, keep on contemplating hahaha!

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