Recent Stay at The Everly, Putrajaya

by - June 01, 2018

I didn't really need a vacation. I just need some times away from home.

So the other day, my family and I went for a night stay at The Everly, Putrajaya. It was the most practical stay so far.

It is located next to Alamanda Shopping Center so we went there for lunch and window shopping before check in at the hotel.

The room is spacious and I love the feels-at-home interior design. Just perfect for my little family.

My MIL tagged along so we requested for connecting rooms, hence why I said it's practical.

Her own area she said.

And later in the evening, we took some time to chill at the pool.

The water was so cold I had no idea why, I can't stay inside for longer than 15 minutes. There weren't so many people that day so the pool was ours.

The only distraction of all the views around this pool was the lake (is it lake anyway?) with Teh Tarik colored water behind.

Then we head out for early dinner and some outdoor activities at Ayer 8.

If you've never been there, Ayer 8 is the place where you can bring your kids and family for meals, cycling and shopping - all at the same time. It's located next to Putrajaya Lake and you can see the iconic Iron Mosque from there.

The next morning, we paid another visit to the pool before we checked out.

And of course, another visit to Alamanda.

Just in case you wonder, I booked most of my stays via and I paid around RM190 per night for this room (excluding breakfast).

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