Short Getaway To Cyberjaya

by - January 11, 2018

...... which takes only 15 to 20 minutes driving from our home.

The last time I went to Cyberjaya was around 6 or 7 years back, to have nasi arab at Saba Restaurant. At that time D'Pulze shopping mall isn't there yet, so I was like "Laa... sini rupanya shopping mall ni," when I saw it cause I have been there before... when it was just, no shopping mall.

People around been talking about the newly open boutique hotel with amazing night view at the pool and unique building design located right at the heart of Cyberjaya so I told my husband we HAVE TO go there.

So we went there, at the Dash Box Hotel.

We got the cabin room.

I love the cabin concept with the contemporary design and cosy little room. I feel like walking into the world of childhood with all the colors and decorations on the wall and of course, my daughter Aireen was excited - to jump into the pool.

Mikael's first time at the pool and he enjoyed it!
After the exhausting swimming session, everyone was hungry so we loafed around the town looking for food. Amazingly, foods are every where, from stalls to fast food outlets. Even if you missed your turn, you'll find another makan place ahead. But if you choose to stay inside, you can enjoy your meal at the hotel cafe which is located next to the entrance.

Back to the hotel, I was amazed by the night view.

I would recommend this hotel to anyone who'd like to go on vacation without burning a hole in their pocket.

For more info about this hotel and other hotel chain by dash, you can click HERE.

What I love about Cyberjaya is, it's modern and clean (like KL, but with clearer roads). It is also located next to Putrajaya so you may discover places of interest in Putrajaya at the same time.

Okay gotta plan for the next holiday which will come year?

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