Second pregnancy

by - April 04, 2017

I thought being pregnant with the second child would be much easier than the first.

I was wrong.

Severe nausea, lost of appetite, exhaustion and mood swing are amongst the symptoms. Plus, my daughter has suddenly becoming extra cranky, crying for attention everytime I am around. She refuses to be with someone else including her father, despite being scolded and ignored by me.

I noticed that I have becoming more vocal lately. I find it easy to show my emotions, disagreements, and opinions without being afraid of rejection and criticism. Or maybe I am just being protective with my emotions and feelings so rather than getting hurt, I'd rather speak up? Sometimes when my husband talks a bit louder than usual (not yelling though), I'd tell him to slow down his voice and not to get mad for no reason. Lucky me, he understands 😁

During the last pregnancy, I stayed with my parents so I didn't have to do the chores. This time, I have to do everything by myself, and of course with countless help from my husband. But I tell you, it takes me a week or more to do things that can be done within an hour or so in a normal state like folding the clothes, sweeping the floor, etc. 

The first trimester was tough. The beginning of the second trimester is going well so far, hopefully it will lasts till the end. 

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