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by - May 08, 2018

There's no way I could be presentable at all time if I don't have these 3 items in my life. I'm serious. I want to look good and feel good even when I'm staying indoor, not meeting anybody cause that's what that makes me confident with myself.

I just hate it when I have to meet people when I'm looking sloppy and sweaty and smelly. It could happen especially when I have to work outside and come back to the office in the afternoon, after being under the hot sun even just for few minutes (considering the scorching hot weather in Malaysia). The only thing I could ever think of doing after that particular moment is to bath and change into new clothes. Just imagine.

Lucky that I have this deodorant that smells so fresh and lasts for hours! This one is my ultimate favorite. It suits me and my husband very well (no we don't share, and yes it's unisex). It smells just nice, not too strong, neither girlish nor masculine, and makes you smell even better when you sweat.

This one is available at Amway or if you don't have any idea where to get it, just Shopee it!

Even though I'm wearing hijab/scarf, my hair has to be fresh, clean and smells good at all time. I just love it when I unwrap my hair and the smell of the shampoo or serum or hair perfume is still there.

This serum is just a recommendation, you can choose your own favorite. What I like about this serum is the smell lasts longer and it keeps my hair and scalp fresh underneath my scarf. No more itchy scalp and smelly hair (truth).

Lastly of course, a fresh looking skin on the face that could put a smile not only on your face  but on everyone else's face. Our face is the first thing that people will notice and look at, before anything else.

I keep my face fresh and hydrated with this Mary Kay botanical effects freshen. It is actually a toner, but I love using it as a face mist too. To use it as toner, just spray it onto a cotton square/balls, then dab onto your face. To use it as face mist (like I do), just spray it all over your face and leave it just like that.

But again, this is just a recommendation.

If you have any recommendation or tips to stay fresh and confident, please share with me. I'd like to hear from y'all.

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