My Kid Finally Says 'No' To Gadget

by - April 20, 2018

It's been 2 weeks since Aireen got her hands off hand phone and I got to say this:


Aireen used to be addicted to gadget before. She could spend hours watching videos on YouTube and playing games with no food, pee, and sleep. There were few times I caught her still awake at 2 am, watching videos and refused to go to sleep cause she's not yet done with the videos?

SHE WAS JUST 3 YEARS OLD at that time.

I'm not gonna blame anybody for what had happen. It's my fault too, cause I allowed her to use gadget. But I promise I didn't know she'd get addicted so seriously like that.

So my husband and I tried out every possible way of getting rid of that bad habit. These are basically the methods that work among the other:


I gotta tell you, it's not easy if you don't start it early. The moment Aireen was involved in a serious relationship with her gadget, they are inseparable. Many times I told her to use it for only an hour a day, she didn't even bother. 

So before I give her my hand phone, I'd make sure that the battery is less than 50%, which would last for an hour or so. 

I'd also disconnect the internet and give her all sorts of excuses as to why the videos on YouTube couldn't be downloaded. I believe she buys them after being told the same thing every time.

As for my husband, he downloaded few videos into his phone so she could watch them offline. After watching the same videos over and over again, she eventually gets bored and ditch the phone.


So those videos on YouTube, I made them real. I bought her kitchen, mixer, playdoh, almost everything she sees on YouTube (they aren't cheap I tell ya) and play them with her.

But, be prepared. Your kid will ask you to get involved so, spend time with her. She might demand for more toys too (read: everything she sees on the video. cryyy). She'll soon realize that real games are more enjoyable than just watching it through the phone screen.


The first few days were hard. She kept on asking why can't I use the phone? Where's the phone? This is when we need to be more creative to attract her with something that will make her busy and forget about the phone.

I ask her to join me in the kitchen, prepare foods, clean the house, read her books, draw something together etc. I just googled every things up for the ideas.

On the weekends, my husband & I bring her to the park or playground.

Hope this'll last till she's ready to use hand phone or whatever gadget wisely.

But for now, achievement unlocked for ze mom! 

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