Thursday, July 13, 2017

One after another

So, the other day I was diagnosed with Anemia. 

I'm still getting used to the term and the medications I have to take every day and the foods I have to monitor bla bla bla.

Then a  few days back, I received a call from the clinic pertaining to my MGTT result. Anyway, MGTT is an abbreviation for Modified Glucose Tolerance Test. You can google out about it for further info.

I underwent the test on 20th of June, during fasting month and the result came out on 7th of July. The staff nurse called me on evening that day telling me that my MGTT result had me suspected for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus or GDM. What is GDM? In short, it's kencing manis that occur during pregnancy due to hormonal change etc.

Of course I was shocked because the first test I took on February turned out good. How can I possibly have GDM? Anyway, the staff nurse asked me to undergo Blood Sugar Profile or BSP on the next day. This BSP needs me to do blood check up 4 times a day i.e at 8am (after fasting from 10pm the day before), 10am (after taking breakfast), 2pm (after lunch, lunch shouldn't be taken after 12pm) and 8pm (after dinner, dinner shouldn't be latest than 6pm). 

Anyway, the test result shows that my sugar level is low. That's pretty confusing, isn't it? Kencing manis tapi kadar gula dalam darah rendah? I'm going crazy.

But anyway, here's the info on the sugar level:-

The day after BSP, I had to go for consultation with the nurse & doctor. They told me everything about GDM, the causes, the diet, the next BSP etc. I wanted to absorb all the information but you know, being a pregnant woman with unstable emotion especially after finding out about this, my heart is reluctant to accept the fact that I have GDM. Anemia is fine, I just have to control the diet and take medications as scheduled. But GDM, with the troublesome prosedures, negative perception of myself & people around me, I feel helpless.

Anyway, the nurse also asked me if I have the symptoms of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. I was like: what the hell is that? So I made a little reading.

Hypoglycemia is defined as a low blood sugar (glucose) level. Hyperglycemia is defined as too high a blood sugar (glucose) level.
Hypoglycemia: Hypoglycemia, or an insulin reaction, can happen if you are taking insulin or oral medications. Hypoglycemia means low blood glucose. This reaction happens when there is not enough glucose in your blood.

A hypoglycemic reaction usually comes on very suddenly. It often happens at the time when insulin action is at its peak, during or after strenuous exercise or when a meal is delayed. Most people learn to recognize their own symptoms to an insulin reaction. If you begin feeling any symptoms or think your blood glucose may be too low, the best way to be sure is to check your blood level using a blood glucose test strip. If your blood glucose is less than 70 mg/dl, then you are probably having a hypoglycemic reaction.

The most common causes of hypoglycemia are:
1. too much insulin,
2. too much exercise, or
3. not enough food

Hyperglycemia: Hyperglycemia, or high blood glucose, is the condition found in individuals with diabetes, either insulin-dependent or non-insulin-dependent.

Hyperglycemia usually occurs slowly, over several hours or days. It may be caused by:
1. not taking enough insulin
2. illness (such as a cold or flu)
3. infection
4. eating too much
5. stress
6. certain medications

The symtoms.

I wish, really really wish this is just for temporary. Hopefully the next blood test turns out good. Pray for me guys.

Anyway, if you have these symptoms or is diagnosed with GDM, let's be strong together & don't give up, don't stressed out!

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