Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Can't take it anymore

Blame me for being over sensitive over petty issues, I don't mind. 

I was super busy since the last few weeks with piles of works, tight deadlines, adhoc assignments, etc. Everyone else in the office was super busy too, I know.

So there was one day, I noticed that my Manager was on the phone the whole day since morning, browsing non-work related things from the internet and gossiping with my colleague in between. Right during the lunch time, he sent me an e-mail asking me to do an urgent task. When I get back from lunch, he asked me to call someone to check on something without proper instruction. I was so mad, because he asked me to do all the fucking things while he spent his day doing shits so I told him I have to complete the urgent task and suggested that he call that someone, in a quite high intonation. But he, being the manager, of course he won so I got to call that someone.

Because the instruction he gave me was unclear and because I didn't want to talk to him, I refer the instruction to the boss. I called that someone and came back to my boss for update. My boss called both of us into his room soon after to discuss about work and then this happened:

This manager attacked me personally for my incapability to perform 'certain' duty due to my pregnancy and claimed that I'm incompetent compared to the other female staff.

I was like:


At that very moment, I feel like yelling at him telling him all the things I have done all this while but surprisingly, I just hold my breath, didn't say anything until the end of conversation I told my boss that I'm willing to do any tasks the manager said I can't even though I'm pregnant. I mean, I have performed those tasks before, successfully.

Out of the boss room, I went straight to my work station and didn't talk to the manager, until today. He didn't even say a word to me either. I don't mind, and I don't care. I mean, what does he expect? He humiliated me in front of the boss, just because I got mad at him for being such a jerk, does that make him feel 'superior'? If that's so, I pity him for having to do that just to cover his insecurities. Seriously, I lost my respect for him. If he is mad at me for being mad at him, talk to me about it. Be professional.

I don't respect a person for his title or position alone, I respect him for his professionalism, attitude, intelligence.

Note #1: He told the boss he will carry out the task that is supposed to be given to me, which is ok. But, he needs my colleague's assistance which is HAHAHAHAHA cause that task is supposed to be carried out alone. Competent lah sangat?

Note #2: No, you don't have to remind me of your position, I know. That position doesn't indicate your intelligence anyway.

Note #3: Guys, if you are a boss and you have subordinates, please don't do what my manager did. Seriously, it doesn't create respect. It might creates hatred. And at one point of time, your subordinates will started to question your capabilities, talking about you behind your back, etc. There will be no harmony in the workplace though every thing looks ok on the surface. Your subordinates reflect you. Be better than they are in all aspects.

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