Monday, March 13, 2017

Silent Arguments

I have been working here for over 4 years. I have to admit that I have gained a lot of new experience and valuable knowledge throughout my service, not to mention having good bunch of people as my second family.

But there's one little thing that makes me unhappy. Just this one thing.

There's no room to share your ideas for improvement cause these people, who work here all their lives couldn't adapt to changes. They are more comfortable to do the same routine the same way, without any modification by saying that, "that's the practice."


I argued with my manager few times saying that some practices are no longer applicable, most companies don't do it anymore bla bla bla. And everytime we had these arguments, he'd be saying "that's the practice."

And with that, I can't believe I'm still here.

Maybe one day, I'll leave.

Or maybe I should have left earlier?

Or maybe he's the one to leave, and not me?

Or... oh I don't know.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Start Fresh

It's been 2 years since my last update. 2 years. I decided to hide all my previous posts for no reason (or to make ways for new stories to come in, maybe?)

A lot of things  happened in the past 2 years, and I'm glad everything (read: almost everything) seems to be better than before. There are a lot of stories to tell, but for the start, instead of reminiscing the old times why don't we start fresh?

I don't think it's necessary to wait until new year or specific time to start fresh. We can do it anytime. For instant, whenever we feel down, defeated, demotivated, take a deep breath and start over. Starting over may seem hard in the first place, but you'll be surprised how fast things will fall into places again.

Sometimes starting over means you're being a different person - no longer the person you used to be. Don't blame yourself for it, accept the change. Quit the boring job, the abusive relationship, the past. Embrace the unknown, the future. Meet new people, and trust me, you'll be surprised by how much you'll learn from them. If you're defeated, accept it, close the battle and move on. You might lose something or someone, your hopes are broken down and maybe so is the heart but remember: you can't have a new victory until you close your current battle.

I'm not saying saying that I am a self-motivated kind of person. At some point of time, I'd need someone to support me and tell me, "You can do it". Problems come and go, confront them, correct what's wrong and solve the problem. Giving up is an option, and if you ask me, it's a final option. 

Remember, it's never too late to start fresh.
Till the next post.